Busting 5 Myths Regarding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction KnoxvilleDespite the fact that most men don’t particularly want to talk about erectile dysfunction, there is an abundance of information available on the internet. However, the big problem is that most of it is not even close to being true. A quick online search will bring up thousands of results that offer miracle cures, including expensive supplements and potentially dangerous exercises. The truth is – none of these so-called cures are going to do you any good, and you could even risk damaging your penis and making your erectile dysfunction worse!

Let’s examine some of the most common myths connected to erectile dysfunction and why they are not at all true!

Myth #1: Only Older Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction

It is a common misconception that erectile dysfunction only affects older gentlemen and that it is just a symptom of getting old. However, this is not entirely accurate. Yes, there is a link between the prevalence of ED and age, but that does not mean younger males are not suffering too. A recent study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine suggests that around 15 percent of men aged 20 to 39 have had some problem with their erection on a semi-regular basis.

Myth #2: Struggling to Perform Once Means a Life of ED

For most men, sex is very important, so if they find themselves unable to perform in the bedroom, it is natural for panic to set in. All men have an off night now and then. It isn’t something you need to be worried about! There are many temporary causes including an overindulgence in alcohol, exhaustion or even stress. Unless you have been having difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection over a period of at least three months, it is unlikely that you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Myth #3: Testosterone Supplements Can Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Many supplements distributors claim that by taking testosterone supplements, you can cure erectile dysfunction. However, this may not be the case. Low testosterone is one cause of ED, but if you have a healthy testosterone range, then taking supplements is not going to do anything for you! It is best to visit a doctor and have the appropriate tests carried out. They can then prescribe testosterone treatment if it is the right option for you.

Myth #4: It’s All in Your Head

There is a common misconception that Erectile Dysfunction is something that is psychosomatic. The truth is, in most cases, it is a combination of physical and psychological factors at work. The cause may be something physical, such as blood vessels not allowing a proper flow of blood to the penis. However, if you start to become stressed about the problem, then this will also increase the problem. It is a good idea to keep a log of your erection difficulties and make it easier to pinpoint the problem.

Myth #5: Erectile Dysfunction Means Something is Wrong with Your Penis

Many people believe that ED is the result of something wrong with the penis, but this is not the case. It can be a sign of other underlying health concerns including heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Erection difficulties can also indicate depression, diabetes or low testosterone levels.

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Busting 5 Myths Regarding Erectile Dysfunction