Erectile Dysfunction Isn’t the Only Type of Male Sexual Dysfunction

TN Men's HealthSex is a perfectly natural act, but for some men, it is far from easy. A variety of sexual problems, caused by both physical and psychological triggers,  can affect men. Erectile dysfunction, discomfort during intercourse and premature ejaculation are just some of the sexual issues that men can experience.

The Most Common Types of Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction gets all the attention, but it is just one of many different types of sexual health concerns that men can experience. Let’s take a look at some of the disorders and male sexual health problems.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

The primary type of sexual dysfunction that we hear about is, of course, erectile dysfunction which can take a few different forms including difficulty obtaining or sustaining an erection. Some men can achieve an erection, but it is not firm enough for penetration. Erectile dysfunction is more common in older males. Statistics show that around 40 percent of men under the age of 40 are affected, and that number rises to around 75% in men over the age of 80.

  • Lack of Desire or Interest

Another common type of men’s sexual problem is a lack of interest or desire. Between 15 and 25 percent of those under the age of 60 suffer in this way. It’s hard to determine an exact number because men do not want to admit to being disinterested in sex! If the problem is severe, then it may be diagnosed as Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

  • Delayed or Premature Ejaculation

Officially, Premature Ejaculation is ejaculation within one minute of penetration. As many as 30% of men will experience this at least once in their life. At the other end of the spectrum are those who suffer from delayed ejaculation where they either cannot ejaculate during sex, or it takes so long that it causes discomfort.

  • Orgasm Difficulty

Lots of men don’t realize that there is a difference between ejaculation and orgasm, so it’s hard to pinpoint just how common orgasm related problems are! However, it is not unheard of for men to report various problems with orgasm while still having the ability to ejaculate. One example would be a lack of pleasurable feelings during orgasm.

  • Pain or Discomfort During Intercourse

Up to 16 percent of men will experience pain or discomfort during intercourse, and there are many different causes. Some of the most common triggers for pain during intercourse are infections, sexually transmitted diseases and conditions like Peyronie’s Disease which is characterized by a noticeable curve to the penis.

Getting to the Root of Sexual Dysfunction

Treatment for erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues can only be successful if the source of the problem can be determined. Many different things can cause sexual problems for men. These range from poor lifestyle choices to severe medical conditions. One of the most common factors is aging. While sexual function naturally decreases with age, being in good health can help extend a man’s sex life a little bit longer. Psychological factors like stress or depression can also have an impact on sexual performance.

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