2017 This is Your Year

TN Men's HealthChances are, you said something similar at the start of last year. How did it go? It’s been said that people wildly overestimate what can be accomplished within a year, but they undervalue what they can do in a lifetime. So why is it that it feels like every year we start out with new goals and plenty of motivation but by the end of the year we’ve fallen short. One reason could be that we take on too much too quickly and chase fast results instead of making building habits our goal. That is exactly why we are here today; let’s talk about how you can set some realistic habit goals. If you can commit to the work, you’ll be amazed at where you are by the end of the year.

Diet Time 

Weight loss is a big goal for many people and it’s sure to be on the top of the list for many people’s 2017 goals. There are always new fads and trends that hold the promise of achieving your ideal weight, but they never seem to pan out. This is usually because the diet is effective as long as you are on it, but once the diet is over, all the weight comes back. So let’s take a different approach in 2017. If a diet was on your 2017 goal list, here are a few suggestions:

  • Reduce – Reducing your intake of certain foods is a great way to start your 2017 goals. Instead of changing things completely think of a few areas where you could reduce your consumption. Maybe only have fast-food or dessert once a week. You’re not quitting it completely, just telling yourself that once a week is enough.
  • Quit – There are some things you’re just going to have to let go of. Some of the first things you should quit completely in 2017 are soft drinks and fruit juice. These are sugar load and valueless beverages. Fruit is only good for you as long as the fruit’s fiber is being consumed, otherwise, you’re only taking in sugar, and don’t let the “vitamin C” on the package fool you. Soda is only bad for you. Sugar is one of the biggest causes of weight gain. While you may not be able to cut out every bit of sugar you take in, you can surely quit drinking sugary beverages.
  • Add – Add more vegetables to your plate. Vegetables are your body’s best friend and most of us do not eat nearly enough of them. It’s not every diet plan that will tell you to eat more, but for our 2017 plan you will reach your goals faster by adding vegetables.

Get Moving 

We all want that perfectly chiseled body, the problem is that it takes work, and a lot of it. Most of us are not able to commit the time that it takes to obtain such a goal, but exercise is important for our weight loss goals and our overall health. However, again this is an area where we typically get very motivated at first and after a few weeks, we’re done. So for 2017 let’s take a different approach. Here are a few thoughts to starting an exercise habit you can keep:

  • Discover – When we put exercise on our list of goals most of us will do the same thing. We’ll join a gym, buy workout clothes, and hope for the best but this doesn’t work for most of us. The truth is exercise doesn’t have to be something you hate, and most people are not going to enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights. So for 2017 give yourself room to discover something physically exerting that you actually like doing. This could be taking a long hike, riding a bicycle, learning how to dance, or taking a group exercise class, but if you find an exercise you like it will not be as difficult to stick to your goals. Truthfully, there will be days you won’t feel like it, but you will still find it easier to get yourself moving.
  • Commit – Once you’ve found an exercise that you enjoy it’s time for commitment. If you love to ride bicycles but you only ride once a month then you shouldn’t expect any results. It is still going to take consistent effort. We suggest that you start 2017 by committing to exercise at least 3 times a week. Ideally, 5 times a week is better, but if you can commit to 3 your results after a year will be much better than doing nothing, and you will find it easier to add extra days once you get going.
  • Find – You don’t have to embark on your 2017 goals alone. Find a buddy that enjoys the same form of exercise that you do. By finding an accomplice in your health goals you’ll add accountability and a social element to your health goals. Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be miserable and you don’t have to do it alone.

Goal Setting 

For your 2017 goals, remember that your first goal should be to end the year better than you started it. If you set realistic goals and make progress your top priority you will find it easier to reach those goals and you will feel more satisfied with the process. Picture your ideal self, but then remind yourself that if it takes 5 years to get there then that’s okay, what’s important is that you start the process now. The best way to make sure that you reach those 5 year goals is to focus on developing healthy habits now. Roman wasn’t built in a day and neither will your ideal life be, but both can be achieved by consistent, diligent effort.

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