5 Hair Loss Myths – Busted!

We have clients coming in thinking their hair loss is the result of common reasons when in reality – it’s far from it.  To help our readers understand a little more, here are 5 myths you shouldn’t believe!

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Myth 1: Hair loss genes come only from the mother’s side
Truth is, even if inheritance is slightly stronger on the mother’s side, genetic hair loss can come from either – or both – parents.

Myth 2: Bald men have higher levels of testosterone
It’s just like saying “the size of a man’s hands or feet mean..” – yes, sorry, that one isn’t true either.

Loss of hair is caused by a greater sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT, a sex steroid that causes hair follicles to shrink and eventually disappear. If increased levels of testosterone were the real problem, hair loss wouldn’t be solely on a man’s head.

Myth 3: Large amounts of hair loss is just a sign of genetic baldness
Going bald means the thickness of your hair gradually becomes thinner over time, until it eventually disappears. If large amounts of hair start to fall out, see a doctor.

Myth 4: Wearing hats make you bald
Hair follicles do need oxygen to stay alive but they don’t get this from the air. Oxygen flows to hair follicles from our blood stream. So no worries, you can wear your favorite cap to the next boy’s night out.

Myth 5: Shampoo causes hair to fall out
When hair starts to thin, people start to notice a little hair falling out in the shower. If you don’t shampoo, the hair that should normally fall out starts to build up in your scalp and the next time you bathe, you’ll be scared to see even more hair fall out. Loss of hair means normal hair being replaced gradually so yes, it’s okay to shampoo regularly.

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5 Hair Loss Myths – Busted!