3 Ways Erectile Dysfunction Affects A Relationship – And How To Fix It!

Erectile dysfunction not only affects the patient but his partner as well. A relationship is supposed to be strong and open wherein you both help each other through life’s challenges. When stricken with erectile dysfunction, some couples don’t really know how to handle it. Here are 3 common ways erectile dysfunction can affect a relationship and what couples can do to save their union.

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1. Misunderstanding
More often than not, men who suffer from ED rather not talk about it. There are various emotions he must be feeling that make him shut things out – even the person he loves. Many say that having an erection is part of being a man; so when they can’t do it, they feel less of a man. This type of thinking can lead him to avoiding situations wherein sex may be involved. The frustration felt on both ends can lead to arguments and in some cases, a break up.

The best way to avoid this is to communicate with one another and lay all cards on the table. Remember that it is not only the man’s problem but his partner’s as well. To avoid misunderstanding, both parties need to know what’s going on.

2. Blaming oneself
Because of the lack of communication, it is very easy to blame oneself when part of a couple suffering ED. It is understandable for the man to feel a blow to his ego, but the women also tend to feel that they are part of the reason.

Avoid feelings of self-doubt by assuring one another that this is a medical condition that needs professional help. By seeing a doctor and doing some research, you can find the root cause of the problem and realize that it’s neither of your fault.

3. Losing the connection
On the man’s end, suffering from erectile dysfunction and not wanting to talk about it is the same as keeping a secret from your loved one. It affects them in the sense that you are not open about the situation you’re in and because they are one part of the intimate life you two share. Most if not all women will feel the change in your behavior and start to feel disconnected. Not having a strong foundation can lead to the end of a relationship.

This is similar to the first problem in the sense that communication is the answer. Neither party should be in denial or ashamed to bring it up. It’s time to realize that there are greater things at stake if you choose to stay quiet and not have the problem treated.

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