10 Natural Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

TN Men's HealthWe understand your hesitation in visiting an erectile dysfunction clinic. If you’ve only experienced it once or twice, it’s safe to say it was just by circumstance and probably you are not suffering from ED. But if things aren’t looking up (no pun intended) until now, here are 10 natural ways you can try to cure erectile dysfunction.

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1. Raise testosterone levels
When testosterone levels are low, it is harder to maintain a normal erection – or even have one in the first place. By raising your testosterone levels, you are increasing your sex drive, making it less possible to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

2. Exercise for erections
Exercising regularly gets your blood flowing, which is very important if you want to achieve an erection. It is advised to walk, not run, in order to get your blood flow moving. Running lowers your testosterone levels and stresses your body – 2 symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Weight lifting and kegel exercises also help fight erectile dysfunction.

3.  Eat for erections
What you let into your system can affect the way it functions. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet by mixing up fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish.

4. Have a consistent sleeping schedule
A study by Brainresearch shows that men who have an inconsistent sleeping pattern experience problems in maintaining normal or high testosterone levels. Set a sleeping time and waking time then stick to it.

5. Quit smoking
Smoking can cause vascular disease, which in effect can cause erectile dysfunction. Blood that is supposed to flow to the penis is stopped or slowed down due to narrowing arteries.

6. Lower alcohol intake
Alcohol is a depressant that can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. It can also lower testosterone levels, making it even harder to achieve an erection.

7. Check your pills
ED can be a common side effect to some medications such as those for high blood pressure, antidepressants, heart medications, cholesterol medications, hormone drugs, chemotherapy, and male pattern baldness.

8. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine and is used for a wide range of conditions. Studies show that it has cured ED for some men and even improved the quality of their erection.

9. Ginseng
Also known as “herbal Viagra”, this has been proven to improve sexual function in men and help cure premature ejaculation.

10. Watermelon juice
When eaten in large quantities, watermelon increases blood flow and helps achieve an erection.

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